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Hello! I'm Josh.

And I could squawk before I could walk...

As an infant, it was apparently impossible to take me into a supermarket in my pushchair without throwing my legs over the side and spouting gibberish at the other customers. 

Over many years performing in theatre (with encouragement to be loud and do funny things with my voice, it was inevitable) and a career as a radio scriptwriter ("When you need windows, the choice is clear...") for one of the UK's biggest media companies, my repertoire thankfully developed beyond just shouting at people in shops. 

While my natural voice is a warm, neutral British, my range covers the whole spectrum - smooth and professional, trustworthy and friendly, fun and wacky, all the way to dark, evil and twisted!

And as you might have heard over on the Homepage, there's a plethora of characters hiding in my vocal cords too.

To hear more from me, have a Listen...

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